Imaginative winter sensory snow scene


Imaginative winter sensory snow scene


Oliver absolutely loved our sensory snow activity before Christmas and so this week I decided to create an imaginative sensory winter snow scene for our sensory play activity.


For the recipe for our sensory snow click here.



What you need:

A tray or container

Sensory snow

4 pinecones

2 toy deer (I used Schleich ones)


Imaginative winter sensory snow scene


Once I had made up a batch of sensory snow in a tray, I placed 4 pine cones in one corner, made a mini snowman in another corner, placed the two toy deer in the middle of the scene and then set Oliver loose.


*Note: The snowman was destroyed within seconds



Ways to play with an imaginative winter sensory snow scene:


It’s snowing

I sprinkled snow on top of the stag so that it looked like it had snowed on him and then shook it off and made “Brrrrr” noises as if the stag was cold from the snow. Oliver found this hilarious and even started to do the sign for cold, something we learnt in our sing and sign class.


Footprints in the snow

We patted the sensory snow down so it was smooth and then pretended the deer ran though it messing up the ‘fresh snow’ and leaving footprints.


Round and round the mulberry bush

After a while just leaving footprints wasn’t enough. So I placed a pine cone in the middle of the tray and sang the mursery rhyme ‘round and round the mulberry bush’ while we pretended the deer were running around the pinecone leaving footprints.


Making snowballs

Of course you can’t create any snowy winter scene without making snowballs. I squashed some of the sensory snow into a ball and gave it to Oliver who then threw it back into the tray. He thought it was great fun watching the snowball fall apart once it hit the tray.



What other games would you play with the imaginative winter sensory snow scene? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook? You can also follow me on Pinterest for more sensory and messy play ideas.

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