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It’s been a while since I’ve written about our venture into the world of cloth nappies. Cloth nappies are something that I really wanted to give a go. But in all honesty birth to potty cloth nappies are a bit daunting aren’t they? I mean they look amazing – much better than your standard disposable – but the whole concept leaves you a bit unsure of where to start.


So in order to  try and demystify the cloth nappy jungle, I’m working alongside Baba + Boo on this cloth nappy blog series, in the hope that together we can make the cloth nappy jungle a little less intimidating, meaning more baby’s bum are in cloth nappies.


To ease me into using cloth nappies, Baba + Boo sent me a custom starter pack, which included;

  • Five cloth nappies
  • Ten microfiber inserts
  • Five liners
  • One nappy bag

Baba + Boo custom starter pack


There is such a wide range of patterns available when you leap into the world of cloth. I’m a huge fan of the Baba + Boo designs as they are bold, bright and fabulously simple. The designs I chose were;

  • Go Bananas
  • Master Frog
  • Zebra Crossing
  • Hippoclothamus
  • Humbug

Baba + Boo cloth nappies


The master Frog design has to be my favourite though. I think the design matches Elijah’s cheeky personality perfectly.


So how exactly do you put a cloth nappy together?

Cloth nappies really are extremely easy to put together and it takes no time at all. Depending on how long you are planning to use the cloth nappy for depends on how many inserts you will need to put in the nappy’s pocket. One microfibre insert should last three hours, but to increase that time to six hours you can add a second microfibre insert.







When I first used a cloth nappy I was a bit overwhelmed by just how many poppers there are, but Baba + Boo include a great set of instructions in with the nappy set, which helped me get to grips with it.

Baba + Boo cloth nappy


There are five lines of poppers. The top line is to adjust the nappy around your baby’s waist and the second row are to adjust the nappy’s size to fit your child. Elijah is still under 16lbs so he is still within the first size bracket when using these nappies.

FullSizeRender (1) - Copy


FullSizeRender (2)




What happens if they poo?

You can purchase nappy liners, which are easily flushed down the toilet. If you have old or damaged drains however, it is best to just throw the liners in the bin. The liners prevent the poo from touching the nappy lowering the risk of stains. Although we found that even if we didn’t use liners, the nappies looked good as new after a standard 40 degree wash.


What do you do with dirty nappies?

Once used, we then remove the microfibre inserts and placed both them and the nappy into our Baba and Boo nappy bag until they were washed. The nappy bags are made from the same waterproof fabric as the cloth nappies meaning that they don’t leak and it stops any odours. The nappy bags are meant to hold 4 – 5 nappies at one time, but we found there was still plenty of room when all of our five nappies were in the wash. You can also store them in a nappy bin until you wash them. Both nappy bags and nappy bins are available with a Baba + Boo starter pack or can be bought separately from the Baba + Boo website.


How do you wash the dirty cloth nappies?

I will be covering this properly in a separate post but as a summery, you can wash the nappies and their microfibre inserts on a 60 degree wash. However, we have found that the nappies wash extremely well on a 40 degree wash. Every five or so washes we put them on a few extra rinse cycles to make sure the detergent is washed out properly and to stop any detergent build ups. The nappies can be tumble dried on a low heat setting but we just leave then to dry naturally on the clothes airier in the laundry cupboard.



Did you find this post helpful? Is there anything you would particularly like to know about cloth nappies? Let me know in the comments on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest.



*Note: I am working with Baba + Boo on this cloth nappy series but all views and opinions are my own.

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