** Nuby’s 4 in 1 Oral Care System review **

Just before Christmas Nuby sent us their 4 – in – 1 Oral Care System, which couldn’t have come at a better time consider Monkey started teething at 6 weeks old. This system is designed to be used from birth, with a different brush for each stage of the teething process right up until a child can brush their teeth without their parent’s assistance.

Nuby's 4 in 1 Oral Care System
Nuby’s 4 in 1 Oral Care System


The system is broken down into four stages;


Stage 1 [Silicone Massager] – a soft silicone massager that attaches to a parents finger for cleaning and soothing of tender gums and new teeth. This massage is suitable from birth.


Stage 2 [Massaging Brush] – A brush designed to brush with baby’s assistance. This brush has a contoured, easy to grip handle and extra soft tapered bristles. This brush is suitable from 3 months.


Stage 3 [Massaging Brush] –  A brush designed to help teach good brushing habits. This brush has a contoured, easy to grip handle and multiple surfaces for effective cleaning in all directions. This brush is suitable from 11 months.


Stage 4 [Nylon Bristle brush] –This is the final stage, designed to help a toddler brush their teeth just like a grown up.



So what did we think of it?

We skipped the first stage brush which is a soft silicone massage brush that attaches to the parent’s fingertip. We just didn’t get on with this, I’m not sure Monkey liked us prodding his gums with it and so we decided to just try the next stage brush instead.


The stage 2 massaging brush is suitable from 3 months, but we decided to try it on Monkey at two months because his first teeth were already so close to the surface. We found it really helped sooth his sore gums and he seemed to like having his teeth brushed just like his big brother.


Nuby's 4 in 1 Oral Care System
Monkey’s first toothbrush


We gave the stage 4 brush to Bear as he is at the stage where needs a nylon bristle brush. We found the bristles were quite soft compared to others on the market, which was great as Bear’s back teeth were coming through making his gums very sensitive and sore. It did make brushing his teeth a lot easier and the easy to grip handles meant that Bear could keep a firm grip on the brush, enabling him to start trying to brush his teeth himself. The softness of the bristles did also mean that the brush looked a bit tatty quicker than others on the market. However by the time this happened, Bear’s teeth had erupted so we could use a harder bristled toothbrush, which was more suited by that point anyway.


Nuby's 4 in 1 Oral Care System


Overall, I would recommend this product. I found the system works really well especially in the early stages and really helped sooth Monkey’s sore gums. I think introducing the concept of brushing teeth as early as possible a huge benefit as it establishes an understanding of good oral hygiene from a young age.


Nuby’s 4 in 1 Oral Care System retails at £5.99.


What do you think of Nuby’s 4 in 1 Oral Care System? Would you give is a go? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook. You can also follow us on Instagram or on Pinterest.



*Note: Nuby sent us the 4 in 1 Oral Care System in exchange for an honest review.

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