Sensory snowflake soup for babies and toddlers

Sensory Snowflake Soup
Sensory snowflake soup


Sensory activities can consist of as many or as little ingredients as you like. For this activity in particular you can add white colouring and Christmassy scents, or you can keep it simple. The older children get the more they need to keep them interested, but as Oliver is not even two yet, I opted for the easier and simple option.


Keeping with the Christmas theme, we decided to make snowflake soup for our sensory activity this week.


I used:

  • Warm water from the tap
  • Foam snowflake (I used these ones from Amazon)
  • Blue and Silver glitter
  • Plastic Bowl
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Mini Whisk


I threw the water, some of the foam snowflakes and glitter into a bowl and then left Oliver to stir it all together with a wooden spoon and mini whisk. The foam snowflakes float on the surface of the water and Oliver had a great time pushing them under the water, then watching them spring back up to the surface. After a while Oliver did start to lose interest, so I used this as an opportunity to do some counting. I gave him some more of the foam snowflakes to add to the snowflake soup and we counted them as we added them to the mixture.


Sensory snowflake soup
Sensory snowflake soup


The foam snowflakes come in a pack with a selection of smaller and larger snowflakes. For younger children I would advise only using the larger ones for this activity.


*Note: Children should be supervised at all times when doing sensory activities. Children should not eat or drink the snowflake soup.


Would you try this sensory activity? Have you already made snowflake soup? What did you think? Iā€™d love to know. Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest for more sensory play ideas.

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