Sensory snow messy play activity

Sensory snow
Winter messy play activity – Sensory snow


If you haven’t noticed, Christmas is fast approaching, which means that in every shop there is a song playing about Santa and his reindeer dashing through the snow. But as I was humming along to myself while wandering around doing my Christmas shopping, I realised that Oliver hasn’t yet played in snow and that he probably hasn’t the foggiest what snow even is. Of course I used this as a reason to come up with some sort of messy / sensory play activity.


It is no secret that I love doing messy and sensory play with Oliver, but this sensory snow has to be one of my favourite activities yet. It is so cheap and easy to make and kept both myself and Oliver entertained for ages.


Sensory snow ingredients
Sensory snow ingredients


All you need is some:

  • Bicarbonate soda (we used 600 grams)
  • White conditioner (we used 50 ml)
  • A sprinkle of glitter (optional)


*Note: Always supervise children when doing any sensory activity and keep in mind this is not edible or safe for consumption.


We recently bought some Thomas the Tank Engine books, ‘The Snowy Surprise’ and ‘The Snowy Special’. The pictures in the books show lots of trains running through the snow and so I decided to dig out one of Oliver’s Thomas the Tank Engine toys, a matchbox car and a couple of his wooden truck to push around in the sensory snow.


Sensory snow


Sensory snow


Sensory snow


Oliver had a great time running his cars, trucks and trains through the snow. We kept moving the sensory snow into piles and then burying the them into the pile. We ended up having a pretend snow fight in the dining room, which was great fun but did result in my dining room looking a bit like a snowstorm had hit it.


What festive sensory activities have you done with your little ones? I’d love to know, let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.  You can also visit my Pinterest for some inspiration.

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