It’s 3am Mummy and I’ve been missing you

It's 3am Mummy and I've been missing you
It’s 3am Mummy and I’ve been missing you.

Hi Mummy, it’s 3am and I’ve been missing you.


I like our 3am meetings Mummy, they remind me that you are there for me day and night.


Last Wednesday at 3am my colic and reflux flared up. Do you remember Mummy? I kept crying and you knew why but there was nothing you could do, so you cuddled me close and cried with me. You don’t like seeing me in pain and I don’t like seeing you upset either Mummy.


Then on Thursday last week, I woke up at 3am just because I missed you. So you picked me up and cuddled me until I fell asleep. Do you remember Mummy? You had been laying awake waiting for me to need you because at 3am last Thursday you missed me too.


Bear wakes up at 3am too sometimes. Sometimes because he needs you and sometimes just because he misses you. He was feeling poorly at 3am on Monday because his teeth were hurting. Do you remember Mummy? You both watched a Disney film. I remember Mummy, because the dimly lit screen of the laptop danced across my face while I slept and it woke me up. So you cuddled both of us while sitting on the rocking chair in the nursery and we all watched that Disney classic you told us you watched over and over as a child.


I cherish our time together in those twilight hours and I know Bear does too, because Mummy, 3am is when we wake from our slumber because we are hungry, feeling poorly or just because we miss you and at 3am Mummy, even though you are tired and would like to sleep, you get up and comfort us. Sometimes you cry because you feel so lucky to have the family you have always wanted and sometimes you cry because you are so tired you aren’t sure how you will make it through this sleep deprived haze of parenthood. 


I would go on about all of our early morning meetings, but it’s 3am again now Mummy and I’ve been missing you.



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It's 3am Mummy and I've been missing you


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66 thoughts on “It’s 3am Mummy and I’ve been missing you

  1. This is beautiful – It is 4am for us, every night like clockwork. Have constant interrupted sleep is so hard but honestly holding him in my arms for that precious moments whilst he has his bottle is so lovely – My baby is my last and I know this these 4am feeds wont last forever so I will continue to cherish them as long as I can.

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