Pregnancy Update – Week 34

Peanut's 34 week scan.
Peanut’s 34 week scan.


This week has been a very big week in terms of my pregnancy with Peanut. At our 20 week scan we were told that there was a chance the placenta was in the wrong place and was covering Peanut’s escape route. If this was the case, my birth options would be cut down and my only labour choice would be Caesarean Section.


Now I’m 34 weeks, I had the tell all scan that would be able to show whether the placenta was in fact in the wrong place and in turn would be able to show if I had to have a Caesarean Section.


The sonographer called us into the room and we settled into our scan, eagerly waiting to see our little Peanut again. Peanut appeared on the screen, all perfectly formed and getting ready to meet us. The sonographer looked for the placenta and then told us the amazing news that the placenta wasn’t in a position that would mean I would need a Caesarean and everything seemed fine. Absolutely incredible news and such a relief for us.


While we were there she also showed worked out that Peanut is currently weighing in at 5lbs 11oz, meaning that by week 40 we are looking at having a 8lb+ baby. What a wonderfully healthy weight. She even confirmed the sex of Peanut, so we could breathe a huge sigh of relief that we don’t need to return any of the cute, gender specific outfits we have bought and we don’t have to worry about changing the name door plague that we have already put up.


Now we know that we can (theoretically) have a normal delivery, I can set about preparing for the water birth I’ve been secretly wanting since I found out that I was pregnant with our little Peanut. Developing some sort of birth plan is making everything seem that little more real and has given me a little bit of a kick up the bottom to get everything prepared for the day Peanut decides to make an appearance.

It won’t be that much longer now. Only five weeks and five days until my due date, but who’s counting?


I look forward to updating you all again soon.


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