Blooming Lovely Jewellery – Bola Necklace

Blooming Lovely Jewellery - Pretty silver Bola necklace with silver chain.
Blooming Lovely Jewellery – Pretty silver Bola necklace with silver chain.


I first came across the ‘Bola necklace’ and the concept surrounding it when I came across the blog ‘une poignee d’amour’ while reading through some pregnancy blogs during my first trimester.


However after a vigorous google search, most of the bola necklaces I found were either not to my fancy or from a company overseas. That was until I came across a lovely little company called ‘Blooming Lovely Jewellery’.


Bola necklaces are traditionally worn by pregnant women in Mexico. The necklace has a long chain so it rests on your bump and has a chime built into it, which tinkles as you go about your daily business. During your second trimester your baby will start to be able to hear noises from outside the womb and so it is said that your baby will become used to hearing this gentle, soothing, tinkering chime throughout your pregnancy.


Once your baby is born, the baby will still be familiar with this soothing chime. Many people believe that because your baby is familiar with the soft chime, it helps to sooth and calm the baby when they hear the chime. Some people even believe that this association between calmness and the chime helps to make breastfeeding a much more relaxing experience if you continue to wear the bola necklace after the birth of your baby. If you are uncomfortable wearing the necklace around a baby, you can always gently shake it before or during feeds.


Blooming lovely Jewellery have a really wonderful range of Bola necklaces that are both quaint and delicate. Their prices start at £14 and so they are very affordable too. I opted for the ‘Pretty Silver Bola with silver chain’ as I absolutely love the intricate design of the flower pattern. Each necklace arrives in beautiful wrapping and with a special note explain all about the ‘bola necklace’ tradition. These bola necklaces would make a really beautiful gift for a Mum to be, or a little special something to yourself. I’m so glad I stumbled upon Blooming Lovely Jewellery as I absolutely adore mine.


What do you think of the Bola necklace? Would you want one as a gift during pregnancy? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.

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