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A few weekends ago, we attended our friend’s wedding in Herefordshire. But before we headed home, we decided to take a look at what Hereford had to offer and so we took a trip to the Hereford Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre.


Our family day out to the ' Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre'.
Our family day out to the Hereford Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre.



The Hereford Small Breeds Farm and Owl centre is located in the heart of Herefordshire and is open whatever the weather, which is always a good thing considering sometimes us parents needs a day out even when the rain is hammering down.


The Owl Centre has a fantastic selection of owls and provides some interesting information about the different species. There is also the opportunity to see some new hatchlings and owlets during spring and summer, although I do warn you they aren’t necessarily nature’s cutest baby creatures.


Daddy and Oliver learning all about Owls.


As well as the ‘Owl Centre’ there is also the ‘Small Breeds’ part of the farm, which has a variety of miniature animals ranging from miniature goats to miniature horses. This area of the farm is located in a large open paddock, with various different pens and enclosures housing the different animals. Although some animals such as geese and alpacas roamed around as freely as the visitors. It was rather tiring stopping Bear running behind the alpacas and trying to cuddle the geese though.


Bear absolutely adored the miniature donkeys and miniature horses and spent of our visit going between the two so he could stroke them. The staff are incredibly well informed and one of the workers showed us their different tortoises, told us all of the different ages and names and they even explained why their shells were different.


One of our favourite elements of our visit was being able to feed the pygmy goats. The pygmy goats aren’t fussy when it comes to food and one even tried to eat the hem of my skirt. They have a lovely temperament, which meant that Bear could roam around their paddock feeding whichever one he wanted to.


Oliver and his favourite pygmy goat.


There are also a lot of small animals such as rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, red squirrels and chipmunks. The farm has a lot of volunteers that help out with different things and one of the volunteers let Bear stroke one of their baby chinchillas, which was absolutely lovely and made the whole day that little bit more personalised.


Oliver being shown a baby chinchilla.


We bought food from the on-site tea rooms and were pleasantly surprised that the prices were reasonably good and no more expensive that an afternoon trip to costa coffee. There is an option to sit outside in good weather, where a few of the resident chickens roam around cleaning up any of the scraps that fall on the floor.


Our entire visit to the ‘Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre’ in Hereford was a delight. There was so much to see and do and the entire day was so interactive it would be great for toddler as well as older children. The staff and volunteers are so friendly, it makes your day that little bit more enjoyable and they are extremely knowledgeable about the animals they care for, so not only can you learn a lot during your visit, but you also know the animals are well looked after. This is one day out I would strongly recommend. Even if you don’t live in Herefordshire, the ‘Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre’ is worth a bit of a road trip.


Daddy and Oliver feeding the sheep at the 'Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre'


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