Sensory sea foam messy play activity

Following our trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to create an underwater themed sensory, messy play activity for Bear. After trawling Pinterest for a while, I stumbled across an amazing soap sea foam activity posted by Two – Daloo.


Sensory sea foam messy play activity.
Sensory sea foam messy play activity.


I absolutely love sensory and messy play activities and so after seeing this fabulous idea, I wanted to create something similar for me and Bear to do on a rainy Friday afternoon.


To make the sensory sea foam you will need:

  • ½ litre of washing up liquid
  • ½ litre of water
  • 2 tablespoons of cornflour



To make the sensory sea foam:

I added all of the ingredients into a bowl. I then took out my electric mixing whisk and blitzed the mixture together for a few minutes until the foam was really frothy. The cornflour is meant to make the foam last longer, but make sure you mix it in properly or you will end up with a sludgy mess at the bottom of your mixture.


I then poured the foam between two separate trays, added a different coloured food colouring to each tray and gave both trays another quick whisk.


In order to make it slightly more exciting for Bear and to make the activity more than just about the feel and texture of the foam, I decided to add some large seashells and some plastic sea creatures toys in the foam. I found the sea creatures on Amazon, but these may also be available from other retailers. You may decide to not included seashells in this activity as they can be sharp and are not intended for the use of children’s play.


As much as I love doing messy play activities with Bear, I can’t say I’m a fan of cleaning up the mess afterwards. So to minimise mess I laid the trays out on a large towel and made sure I had a lot of kitchen roll and baby wipes on hand.


As we fished out the seashells and sea creatures from the foam, I described to Bear what they were, what they felt like and what colour they were. Talking to your baby is very important for their language development and this element to the activity is a great way to encourage those language skills.


Oliver exploring the seashell we found in the sea foam.


This is a such a fun activity that is very quick to set up and takes less than 10 minutes to clean away. I find that by engaging Bear with different activities keeps him stimulated throughout the day and is a nice change from the usual day to day activities such as trips to the park or playing with his toys.


What sensory and messy play activities do you enjoy? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook.

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