Thank you Daddy

Daddy and Oliver.
Daddy and Oliver.


When Oliver was born, I was flooded with gifts and congratulations and Mr. C became head tea maker. I noticed how his new venture into fatherhood wasn’t as acknowledged as my new venture into motherhood. So I looked for the perfect gift for Mr. C to mark the occasion and found a wonderful print on ‘Not on the High Street’.


The print is personalised and so I set about writing a poem from Oliver to his Daddy that could be treasured forever.


Thank you Daddy.
Thank you Daddy.


Today I thought I would share that poem right here on my blog for all to appreciate.


Thank you Daddy

Thank you Daddy for all my cuddles,

And not getting angry when I cry,

Thank you Daddy for looking after Mummy,

And being good at DIY,

Thank you Daddy for my handsome looks,

Let’s hope I get your height,

Thank you Daddy for my amazing pout,

And passing the Spotlight,

Thank you Daddy for making me,

I’ll have the ladies queuing,

Thank you Daddy for your attentive ways,

You can teach me to be charming,

Thank you Daddy for loving me,

I’ll always love you too,

But most of all, Thank you Daddy,

Just for being you.


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