Dear parents, just be nice to one another


Recently I have been reading a lot of very pushy opinions on parenting on social media and to be completely honest, it has been driving me a little mad. There has been the breastfeeding vs bottle feeding debate. Argument after argument about whether or not ‘brefies’ (that’s breast feeding selfies) are making bottle feeding mothers feel bad about their decision on what to feed their baby. Debate after debate about how normal breastfeeding is and how discriminated breastfeeding mothers feel.


Then there was a debate on working parents vs stay at home parents and I’ve even seen one discussing and debating whether or not it is okay if stay – at –home parents use childcare services. I mean why on earth would they when they don’t work? They are clearly just lazy… obviously.

Mummy and Oliver in Tenerife 2014


Well quite frankly, I’m a little bored of being told how to parent by over opinionated people tapping away on their keyboard and so I decided to write a blog post on the whole irritating affair.


First of all, this breastfeeding vs bottle feeding debate has got a little boring. As a mother who couldn’t breastfeed (thanks for turning down the free milk Bear), who then expressed for six weeks and finally decided to turn to the bottle, I must say the idea of a ‘brelfie’ making me feel like an inadequate parent is laughable. Breastfeeding is exhausting, it isn’t as easy as it looks and it just didn’t work for us, but just because it didn’t work for us doesn’t make me any lesser of a parent or turn me into the green eyed monster.


Equally a mother who decides she doesn’t want to try breastfeeding and formula is the only option in her eyes, is not choosing to give her child bad start in life. The baby in question is being fed and personally I think that is the only important factor, not what type of food they are actually eating. I wouldn’t go up to someone in a restaurant and tell them that their food isn’t to my liking and they are therefore a terrible human, so why on earth would you discriminate a mother for the choice she has made in how to feed her child.


The childcare argument particularly riled me, because I’m a stay – at – home Mum and my son attends nursery once a week. We pay for it ourselves and we decided it was best for the entire family for him to attend nursery, because it is proven to help aid a child’s development and it also allowed Bear to build relationships with other adults, which again is important for a child’s development. It also means that I get to clean my house and catch up on my blog, leaving the rest of the week completely free to do lots of fun activities together, which I wouldn’t be able to do if I had to do bits of housework everyday.


I’m not entirely sure why some people feel they are superior to everyone else and that their parenting decisions are the best option for every child, but it is really starting to grind on me. I’m a fantastic mother to my son and I know that nobody else would be able to parent him as well as myself, but that doesn’t mean that I would be the best parent for every child. What may work spectacularly for me, may not work at all for somebody else and their children. Just because I’m a parent, doesn’t give me the right to judge other parents.


Parenting is hard enough without all of these ridiculous debates and judgements about one another. So dear parents, just be nice to one another.


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