Body image – pre and post pregnancy

In 2012 I pushed myself to stay those extra 20 minutes in the gym, run that extra mile, do another yoga session and eat yet another salad and my body was a slim, toned size 6 because of it.


Before and during pregnancy body.
Before and during pregnancy body.


In 2014 I gave birth to my bouncing baby boy Bear and that slim, toned, size 6 figure had been replaced with a slightly frumpy and marked body. I was a bit taken back by the changes and lost sight of the fact that my body had just grown and delivered another human being.


Becoming a mother and post pregnancy body.
Becoming a mother and post pregnancy body.


When you’re pregnant, people have this obsession about asking you ‘how you are going to lose that baby weight?’ So here is an answer for the people who insist on asking this question… by giving birth you tend to shift a few lbs. I mean you are pushing what is effectively a watermelon out of your body, if a woman didn’t lose a bit of weight after that I would be a bit concerned.


Then when you have given birth to your gorgeous little bundle, people have this obsession with asking ‘so when are you going back to the gym?’ So here is an answer for people who insist on asking this question soon after a woman has given birth… please sod off, these women are too busy looking after their newborn babies to go to the gym and at the moment sitting down on their comfy sofas probably feels similar to having a hedgehog stuck up their backside, so not sure 20 minutes cycling will help.


The thing is, we aren’t all royalty. We aren’t all pop stars. Most of us are your everyday women, who when they move into motherhood, do not have a nanny at their every beck and call for when they fancy a swim in their private heated pool. Who can barely find the time to shower, let alone go to the gym for an hour each day and who – to be perfectly honest- would probably just like to have a nap.


I felt this enormous pressure after having Bear to be back to that skinny, toned size 6 girl who lived on salad and spent a majority of her time working out. I felt pressure to be a girl who doesn’t exist anymore. I’m a mother now, if that means I now carry a few extra lbs and have a stomach with stretchmarks, then I welcome that new body with open arms. I’d take being a mother over being a size 6 any day. I prefer a rack of ribs and fries over a salad anyway.


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