** Baker Days – Letterbox cake review **


When I was offered the chance to review a letterbox cake from Baker Days I was a bit apprehensive. In all honesty I wasn’t expecting much. I mean how nice can a cake that is sent through the post be?


Baker Days approached me just before my son’s 1st birthday and what a better time to review a cake than at a birthday party? I emailed the Baker Days team with a picture of Bear and told them we were having a Mad Hatter’s Tea party for his birthday and what they sent me was beautiful.


Baker Days - Letterbox cake.
Baker Days – Letterbox cake.

They made the cake personal to Bear but also made it bright, colourful and perfect for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Everyone at the tea party commented on how cute the cake was and were surprised it came through the letterbox.


The Baker Days team have developed an amazing way of making sure your cake arrives safely in one piece. The cake was wrapped with a protective film and then placed into a breathable (and lovely looking) cake tin so even with a bit of rattling in the post, by the time it turns up on your doorstep it still looks like you picked it up from your local bakery 10 minutes before.


What surprised me even more was that the Baker Days team had added candles and balloons into the package. Which meant that it was one less thing we needed to worry about – and let’s face it, us parents know just how stressful arranging a children’s party can be.


Now down to the important bit, the taste. For me a sponge cake should be moist, light and airy, with a sweet filling. It doesn’t matter how lovely a cake looks, if it doesn’t taste nice it isn’t a good cake. The good news is, that this cake tasted as good as it looked and fitted all the right criteria for a good cake. If I’m completely honest I would struggle to make one quite so nice myself.


We reviewed the baby 5 inch cake of the Baker Days family and were given a guideline of about 3 – 4 portions for this cake, but we managed to get a few extra slices out of it. In my opinion though, if you are looking for a cake that serves more than 6 portions, I would advise you get a larger size.


Baker Days letterbox cakes start from just £14.99.


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*Disclaimer: I was sent this cake to review by Baker Days in return for an honest review.

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